In motion

Milestones in Leipzig sports history

28th March – 16th September 2018
Opening: Tuesday, 27th March, 18:00
Haus Böttchergäßchen, Böttchergäßchen3, 04109 Leipzig

The city of Leipzig boasts a long and multi-facetted tradition in sport. Numerous buildings, squares and large public spaces within the city are closely connected regional, national and international sports history. These are the places where Leipzig’s identity as a city of sports evolved. A “sports history route” through the city marks 22 locations connected with outstanding elements of sporting culture within the entire city area. This exhibition focuses on these important sites with their associated buildings, events, types of sports and personalities from more than 200 years of Leipzig sporting history. In addition, early examples of this development (such as the shooting association (founded in 1443), ball rooms, riding and fencing) are shown.
In addition, the excellent collection of the Sports Museum is introduced with one exhibit each from every group of objects.

The first site of the sports history route will be presented at the time of the opening of the exhibition.