The Charter 77 Story. Art and Protest Movement

11th September 2019 17th November 2019
Opening: 10th September 2019, 18:00
Haus Böttchergäßchen, Böttchergäßchen 3, 04109 Leipzig

On 1st January 1977, in Prague, Czech and Slovak citizens published the Charter 77 requesting that civil and human rights be complied with in Czechoslovakia.

The exhibition of the Prague National Gallery commemorates the events of 40 years ago. It focuses on the story of the poet Ivan Martin Jirous. His life and authentic material, such as photographs and written documents, testify to, and represent the spirit of, the supporters of Charter 77.

Moreover, members of the opposition in the GDR tried to establish contacts with the Czech civil rights activists in spite of government monitoring. Their ideas were discussed in independent peace groups – mostly under the umbrella of the Protestant church. They encouraged and inspired these grassroots groups in their own calls for civil rights and a policy of peace.

An exhibition of the Czech National Gallery in Prague in cooperation with the Moravian Library Brno and the Leipzig Archive for the Citizen's Movement.