Fairy tales & Games

Magic, courage and adventures

8th November 2017 – 25th February 2018

This exhibition focuses on European fairy tales. Since the success of the “Children’s and Household Tales” by the Brothers Grimm in 1812, these magical stories have flourished in literature, puppet theatre and in child’s play – not only in Germany.

Precious old picture books, artfully illustrated picture sheets and lovingly designed paper theatres from the museum’s collection will be on display. They highlight the importance of the stories about beautiful princesses, brave children and magical worlds in playrooms and nurseries more than 100 years ago. At the same time, they also introduce the central elements that, to this day, help to form fairy tales all over the world.

Moreover, a play area invites visitors to “feel like a hero (or heroine ...)”, solve puzzles and experience fairy tales “live”.