Leipzig in Black

Portraits and Impressions from the “Wave Gothic Gathering”

Studio exhibition
28 May to 20 July 2014
Böttchergäßchen 3, 04109 Leipzig

The “Wave Gotik Treffen” (WGT) was founded in the Leipzig Eiskeller in 1992. In spite of initial difficulties, the gathering evolved into an extraordinary music and cultural festival made up of readings, theatre performances, medieval markets, workshops and music. Whitsun is a fixed date in the diary of the “Wave Gothic" community, with its annual gathering in Leipzig. Since 2001, the WGT has (on every Whitsun weekend) been an essential element of the Leipzig city calendar and is also supported financially by the City. Furthermore, the participants are welcome guests in the city because of their sensational and fancy clothing and appearance - with regard to which stylists and make-up artists can show the full scope of their skills. They make a special contribution to the cityscape and make Leipzig a centre of various cultures and lifestyles. The gathering also attracts many spectators and photographers. This exhibition shows the snapshots and portraits taken over the last 15 years and conveys the joie de vivre which the WGT and its visitors bring to the city.