Wagnerlust & Wagnerlast

On the Occasion of Richard Wagner's 200th Birthday

13 March – 26 May 2013
Opening: 12 March 2013, 6 pm
Böttchergäßchen 3, 04109 Leipzig

This exhibition commemorates Richard Wagner‘s 200th birthday and concentrates on his life, his relationships and how he was perceived by the public.
The stages in the life and work of the “art egoist” Richard Wagner are shown. This was the man who exploited everything to indulge his artistic creativity – from political revolutions and a king’s patronage to the love of women.
This exhibition features, as a centrepoint, the relationship between Wagner and Leipzig, the special and lasting impact which his Saxon environment had on him as a child and adolescent, as well as Wagner’s further life and career up to Bayreuth as the place where he put his vision of a new musical theatre into practice (the synonym of “Wagner” per se), the Wagner cult and Wagner’s music in general.