850 years of the St Nicholas Church

Studio exhibition in co-operation with St Nicholas Church

13th May to 19th July 2015
Opening on Tuesday, 12th May at 6:00 pm
Böttchergäßchen 3, 04109 Leipzig

St Nicholas Church in Leipzig is one of the two most important churches in the city. In 2015, its history extends back over 850 years.
Like almost no other building in the city, St Nicholas Church relates stories of the city’s history and, at the same time, depicts it. Many turning points which were important for the city have left their mark on it, or are closely connected with this church. Medieval architecture, art and church history, the reformation and music, wealth and the pride of the city’s citizens in the 18th century and, finally, the Monday “prayers for peace” (as the nucleus of the Peaceful Revolution in 1989) – these are all aspects for which the St Nicholas Church in the heart of Leipzig proudly bears witness.
In an exhibition, the Museum of City History commemorates these important turning points and the interactions between city and church. Images from five centuries show the architectural changes made to the church building and its immediate surroundings, as well as the perspectives from which Leipzig artists have viewed their church.