• Oh Yeah
    Pop music in Germany
    17th October 2018 – 12th May 2019

Oh Yeah. Pop Music in Germany

17th October 2018 – 12th May 2019
Opening on Tuesday, 16th October 2018, 18:00
Haus Böttchergäßchen, Böttchergäßchen 3, 04109 Leipzig

While, at one time, pop music divided generations, it now brings them together. Grandparents as well as their grandchildren associate special memories with the music of Jürgen Drews, Helene Fischer, "Tote Hosen" and others.

With a radio show format, this exhibition takes you through 90 years of pop music in Germany – from swing to the “beat” era, Neue Deutsche Welle, techno and hip-hop to contemporary styles. And the exhibition also considers the developments that occurred both in Western Germany and in the GDR. Via headphones, the visitors can delve into the colourful world of pop music and enjoy songs, radio and film clips at numerous sound stations.

This travelling exhibition was created by the Focke-Museum in Bremen.