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    Ein Kunstprojekt der GEDOK Mitteldeutschland e.V. im Stadtgeschichtlichen Museum Leipzig/ Schillerhaus
    20. Juli – 12. September 2021


Ute Hartwig-Schulz sculpture - objects - installations

July 20 - September 12, 2021

Honor the women! They weave and braid
Heavenly roses into earthly life.

Friedrich Schiller, Dignity of Women, 1800

The idyllic farm garden of the Schiller House in Leipzig-Gohlis is attracting visitors this summer with a special presentation: twelve sculptures by sculptor Ute Hartwig-Schulz commemorate important women in Leipzig's cultural history.

The Stadtgeschichtliches Museum is thus following up on the GEDOK Mitteldeutschland exhibition from the fall of 2020, in which 21 women artists in the historic rooms of the Old Town Hall made strong statements against the prevailing invisibility of women in the male-dominated writing of history.

Ute Hartwig-Schulz acquired an old farm in Prösitz in the early 1990s in search of a work space and renovated it in a collaborative project. Since then, the trained sculptor has been heavily involved in the region's social life. In addition to her artistic work, she is committed to art in the countryside and in public spaces through her work for the Via Regia, for which she founded and has since overseen the Via Regia Sculptura. With art projects in schools, she communicates art to students of different ages. From her own experience as an artist and mother, she opened the Künstlergut Prösitz for young female artists with children. Every year scholarships are offered especially for them.

Sculpture in the garden by sculptor Ute Hartwig-Schulz

With small busts of Leipzig women of past and present days, Ute Hartwig-Schulz wants to set an example for making female celebrities of this city visible.

The following personalities are represented: Elsa Asenijeff, Anna Magdalena Bach, Edith Mendelsohn-Bartholdy, Henriette Goldschmidt, Isolde Hamm, F. C. Neuber, Louise Otto- Peters, Clara Schumann, Lene Voigt, Apollonia von Wiedebach, Wanda Zeigner-Ebel and Clara Zetkin.

An art project of GEDOK Mitteldeutschland e.V. in the Museum of City History Leipzig/ Schillerhaus

Location: Stadtgeschichtliches Museum Leipzig Schillerhaus, Menckestr. 42, 04155 Leipzig, Germany

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday, holidays 10-17 o'clock